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Build Better, Build beautiful

We want to make sure that when you build your home, it's beautiful and strong. Our Build Better, Build beautiful series is designed to educate you about the various nuances of homebuilding that will give you a beautiful end-product..

Build to Perfection

Right from laying a strong foundation to the final finishing touches, here's what you need to keep in mind to ensure that your home stays strong and beautiful.

Go Green

Green concepts and techniques in the residential sector can help address national issues like handling of consumer waste, water efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel, use in commuting, energy efficiency and conserving natural resources. Most importantly, these concepts can enhance occupant health, happiness and well-being..


To be the most sustainable and competitive company in our industry.Danny homes strives to adopt an eco-friendly approach across all areas of its business operations.

What We Offer

  • Quality Construction

Adair Homes believes in the little things. Superior quality is never an accident - rather it’s a result of our keen attention to detail. Maintaining decades-long relationships with some of the best suppliers and craftsmen in the Northwest is also one of our top priorities.

  • Transportation

Walkability, bikeability, transportation alternatives, and independence through thoughtful trail, sidewalk, and roadway designs are a few of the strategies we have in place to support our transportation initiative..

  • water Management

We are committed to sustain reduction in our water foot print at all our installations. All our integrated plants have zero water discharge. Recycling of water, rain water-harvesting, recharging of ground water by building check dams are the standard features in all our manufacturing locations. We have also installed a desalination plant from sea water in one of our plants where water availability is a concern..

  • Smart Choices

It is the best choice get a house for you.we use quality products and best furniture.

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